Getting to know us - Meet Lorna!

We are shining the spotlight on each of the Knight Ceremonies team members and this one is all about Lorna, the second member to join our little team.

Full name:

Lorna McIntyre

Why did you join Knight Ceremonies?

I loved my job in registration which I did a number of years ago, and have been really fortunate in my hospitality career to be able to be a part of many forms of celebrations for clients.  I've worked in the oldest inn in Scotland to the prestigious Harbor View Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard, and then onto Hilton and Guoman Hotels in London and surrounding areas. I met Jenny a number of years ago when I was wedding coordinating at a little venue in Berkshire.  She was such an inspiration; I had heard of celebrancy but it had never really dawned on me until then that it was something that would be achievable for me. 

Jenny has such a warm personality, so easy to talk to and her zest for life and family values, made it a very easy decision for me to join Knight ceremonies.  It took a few years, but the stars aligned in 2018 and I ventured on my first ceremony. . . . .Jenny and Paul's Vow Renewal – no pressure!  

Favourite thing about being a celebrant at Knight Ceremonies?:

For me being part of Knight ceremonies is like being part of a small family, with a huge heart we are all there for each other both in supporting and having a lot of fun. We are always there for the clients and we have big ears (lots of listening skills!).

Being paid is just a bonus….


Being a mum takes up a lot of my time so I should put chauffeur down for this too, but I do love photography, going out for walks even on the most blustery of days.  I help at my daughter's school with reading on an odd afternoon, and I love travelling when I get the chance and experiencing different countries.  You also can't beat a good book and a cuppa too!

Fave TV show:

I love a good drama or comedy.  Or indeed a travel programme… Really enjoyed the Sue Perkins in Japan programmes.  I do like a bit of Holby City or Casualty… Life in Pieces, Or Series like “The Good Wife”  “This is Us” and obviously “Friends”

Fave music/band:

From Bon Jovi to Stereophonics, Jamie Cullum, Pink and James Taylor. I have quite a wide range of likes….

Food you love:

Have you got time! – I love a great cheese board.  I love a Sunday roast too!

Breakfast – us brits don’t go out for breakfast enough! A habit I picked up from the US.

Food you hate:

Very Spicy foods, aubergine, raw fish!

Celeb that you admire (and why):

What a big question, I think celebrities have a lot to do, with their standing and admiration by fans they can evoke and inspire us ordinary mortals to do good in the world. 

I must say one of my biggest admirations is Sir David Attenborough.  He has campaigned for years and brought to light the plight of the natural world.  One that is so beautiful, delicate and on a fine balance as time goes on.  In this fast-paced, and such a throw-away society it is time for us to slow down and take a look at the future if not for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children…

Special talents/party trick?

Drinking water backwards? A trick my late grandfather taught me for curing hiccups!

Fave quote/saying:

“For to have faith is to have wings” – Peter Pan

Tell us something that not many people know about you!

I am a little cautious about snakes – they can very much stay where they need to stay and I will keep a wide berth!

I have never been married (gasp!).


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